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Computer Science Engineering Department


At CSE Department, students are challenged by a flexible, thought-provoking curriculum and learn from faculty members who are experts in their areas. The courses in the Computer Sc. & Engineering are well organized to provide a wide spectrum of choices to the students. The faculty and students have interest in wide range of latest technologies that include Computer's Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks & Distributed Computing, operating system, Computer Graphics, Mathematical Modelling, OOPS, Advanced DBMS (OODBMS, Distributed DBMS etc.), Software Engineering, Linux, Big Data, Computer Architecture, and Embedded Systems etc. To support the learning and practices in above technological area, Department of CSE have well equipped computer justify, project lab and oracle sponsored lab that have various Software Packages relevant to the Development of Minor and Major Projects undertaken during the Coursework. All the state of Art Facilities, Resources and Guidelines are provided to the students as per their requirement.

The Computer Science and Engineering department has following laboratories to provide the needs of the students to perform various experiments related to computer science subjects from first year to final year students:-

  1. Object oriented and procedural programming laboratory
  2. Microprocessor & embedded system laboratory
  3. Operating system (unix / linux ) laboratory
  4. Database, oodbms & big data lab laboratory
  5. Software engineering, testing and advanced computing laboratory
  6. Web technology & multimedia laboratory
  7. Image processing and simulation and modelling laboratory
  8. Research and development laboratory
  9. High performance computing laboratory
  10. Hardware and computer assembly laboratory
  11. Networking and mobile computing laboratory
  12. Open source and e-learning laboratory
  13. Java and application development laboratory
  14. Computer centre and project laboratory

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