Boys Hostel


Name and Designation Contact information
CCET, Degree Wing
Dr. Dheerendra Singh
Hostel Warden (Boys)
Mobile Number: +919876439071
CCET, Degree Wing
Anil Kumar Vaghmare
Asst. Hostel Warden
Mobile Number: +916284561607
CCET, Degree Wing
Mr. Bachan Singh
Mobile Number: +919646511864

Hostel Forms

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Notice for Reopening of the Institute from 15th September 2021 Download
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  • 1. Individuals with One Dose of Covid-19 Vaccination and negative report of RT-PCR in last 72 hours are allowed in hostels.
  • 2. The residents are expected to live in the hostel as a community and with a full sense of responsibility.
  • 3. The residents are not allowed to gamble in the hostel premises.
  • 4. The residents are not allowed to bring intoxicants and take part in activities of intoxication in any from in the hostel premises.
  • 5. The residents are not allowed to keep guests in their rooms, except with the prior written permission of the Hostel Warden.
  • 6. The residents shall not commit any breach of peace in the hostel premises
  • 7. The residents shall not invite undesirable elements into the hostel premises.
  • 8. The residents are not permitted to stay overnight out of their hostels, or go out of station without prior permission of the Hostel Warden.
  • 9. The residents are not permitted to install and use any electric appliance except a wall light, a table lamp and a table fan for their rooms. A breach of this rule result in the forfeiture of the appliance seized.
  • 10. Residents are not permitted to keep with them any offensive weapon, such as fire arms, Kirpan or Khukhri, etc. Strict action will be taken against anyone found in possession of such a weapon.
  • 11. A Hostel Discipline committee comprising of senior and nominated members shall assist the Hostel Warden in monitoring the discipline in the Hostel.
  • 12. A resident shall not keep cash exceeding Rs. 500/- with him in room. Cash in excess of this shall be deposited with the accountant/Mess Manager.
  • 13. The residents are not allowed to keep costly items like T.V., Computers, Stereo decks etc. in their rooms.
  • 14. The allotment of seats rests with the Hostel warden No boarder is allowed to change his room or furniture without prior permission of the authorities. This will apply even if the change is mutual.
  • 15. Students are expected to refrain from disfiguring walls, doors etc. and removal of glass panes. This will help towards better maintenance of the hostel.
  • 16. Boarders, who are in arrears of any mess bill for more than a month, shall have to vacate their seats in the hostel.
  • 17. Habitual defiance of any of the Hostel Rules/Instructions will render resident student liable to disciplinary action
  • 18. These rules may be amended, substituted, or deleted without notice.
  • A). Disciplinary action for violating discipline in the hostel:

    1 Violation of the above rule will invite strict disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostels.
    2 A resident found to have created indiscipline in hostel/mess may be fined Rs. 100/- to Rs.1000/- per head depending upon the gravity/seriousness of the act.
    3 Resident who has been fined for of rule, may be called upon to make good any loss or damage or breakage of any Government or Private property.
    4 The Principal's decision concerning all hostel matters will be final and binding.
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