Training and Placements Cell code of conduct specifies important guidelines that are supposed to be adhere by the students of final year participating in placement drives conducted by TPC.

All the students participating in placement drives are supposed to go through the code of conduct before applying for any campus placement.

Any kind of failure by any student in compliance of any guideline of code of conduct will lead to immediate implementation of action as mentioned in the code of conduct.


General Guidelines

Kindly read all the Points carefully before signing up the form.

  1. The code of conduct must be adhered by all of the students during placement drive.
  2. Students, who are eligible and interested for any placement drive, will have to give their consent for the same prior to the placement drive. A student will be marked absent for that particular drive, if the student fails to turn up at the day of placement or reaches late. He/she must report to the TPO within 48 hours of the same. Strict actions will be taken if found guilty.
  3. Dress code to be maintained for the drives would be blue shirt with black trousers/skirts and black/brown formal shoes/bellies.
  4. Students must maintain attendance and discipline during the placement period; no student will be allowed to move out of the room in between PPT or written exams.
  5. Students may be asked to assemble at short notice if a student fails to turn up would be considered the violation of general guidelines.
  6. If a student fails to attend the PPT of the company he/she will not be allowed to sit for the further selection process.
  7. It is mandatory for the students to keep their mobile phones switched off during PPTs\Seminars\Written Exams.
  8. Registration on the TPC Student Forum is mandatory for each student.
  9. The format of CV should be according to the format given on the website.

If a student is found guilty of violating the placement code of conduct will be dealt strictly with and if found guilty the student may be excluded from further drives based on the severity of his/her actions.

Training and Placement Policies

  1. A student can have at most two jobs with an increasing difference of 1.5 lakhs in any case that is you can either have: (i) One core and one non-core job (ii) Two core jobs (iii) Two non-core jobs
    For example: In case of a CSE Core Company, core defines that the company is employing students from CSE department, if that particular company hires students from other streams too then it will be considered a non core placement for the students selected from the other streams.
  2. A student placed in one company would be allowed to apply for the next company only when 50% or more of the eligible students of his/her class have already been placed.
  3. Video resumes should be submitted by every student eligible for placement as per the standard format provided.
  4. All the queries regarding placement drives will be handled by the student coordinators of the respective departments.
  5. If student does not appear in consecutively three drives, then he will be debarred to appear in further placement drives.
  6. If student is selected in any company and that company is offering internship then student is required to join eighth semester internship in that company only. If he is selected in second company also and second company is also offering internship then in that case he has to join internship in second company.
  7. Students must maintain a dress code and have to bring 2 copies of their CVs in printed form with them for to the placement drive.
  8. If a student has any doubts or grievances regarding the placement drive, he/she must approach his branch’s student placement coordinator or student executive head, flow of information would be carried out only through this channel.
  9. Any activity that breaks the discipline of the placement drive will be dealt strictly with.
  10. If any student after being placed in a company does not join, he/she may be called in front of placement committee to present his/her case. Strict disciplinary actions may be taken if found guilty.
  11. In case of any dispute or grievance, the matter will be considered by the TPC core committee.
  12. Any rule can be added, amended or removed by the placement committee at any time.
  13. If a student is found guilty of violating the placement code of conduct will be dealt strictly with and may be excluded from further drives based on the severity of his/her actions.
  14. In case of any clarification/interpretation/omission of any rule/scheme or any part hereof as contained in code of conduct, the text of original rule/scheme will be treated as final & decision of Principal, CCET (Degree wing) in this regard will be binding.

Declaration by the student

  1. I will not violate any rule mentioned in the placement code of conduct (available at Institute website).
  2. I would not disclose information regarding placements of other (past or present) companies to the representatives of any other companies or colleges.
  3. I hereby declare that I have read all the documents regarding placement code of conduct (available at Institute website) completely and agree to act in accordance to the rules mentioned in the placement code of conduct.