Computer Science and Engineering Department.



It is a matter of great privilege and pleasure for me to pen down my greetings for all the students & their parents on behalf of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CCET Chandigarh. It is well known fact that keeping pace with the ever changing technology is most challenging. Computer science is one such field which is growing up in an eye-blinking speed, has become an integral component of almost all the existing fields. A number of studies on the subject proved that computer engineers are playing a vital role in technological enlargement at the global level.

The basic objective of CSE department is to provide students with a learning environment keeping the changing landscape of the field in mind with the objective to enable the outgoing students to take the lead role in steady and rapid advances in computing technologies. At CSE Department, students are subjected to continuous challenges by providing a flexible yet thought-provoking curriculum and learned guidance from extremely talented and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective areas. The courses in the Computer Sc. & Engineering department are organized meticulously to provide a wide spectrum of choices to the students. Such an environment would definitely act as a strong foundation base for students in computer science which inculcates the problem solving technique in them right from the beginning.

The excellent infrastructure, teaching faculty of the best kind working whole heartedly towards ensuring quality education acts as a booster in achieving the ultimate goal of the Institute i.e. providing innovative and quality education with high standards of academic excellence. I am sure that these efforts would definitely provide a platform to students to dream and grab the best opportunity in their professional career.

I am confident that students of this college will emerge as core technological resources to the society at large.

All the Best!!

Dr. Sunil K. Singh
Professor & Head
Computer Science and Engineering Department.
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